Pendragon (D-OC)

Bloodlines: Hardrock Z x Cantos x Indorado x Fedor

Born: 2020

SOLD to the VDL Stud through the Starsale Auction August 21, 2020

Payden (D-OC)

Bloodlines: Chin Chin x Glenfiddich VDL x Cantos x Indorado

Born: 2020

SOLD to Les Ecuries Mathy (Belgium) via the Youhorse Auction on July 28

Oxley (D-OC)

Bloodline: Quabri de l'Isle x Cassini I x Caretino x Ramiro Z

SOLD in 2019 to a buyer in the UK

Olenna (D-OC)

Bloodline: Glasgow van't Merelsnest x Cantos x Indorado x Fedor

Born: 2019

SOLD in 2019 at the Starsale Auction to a buyer in the Netherlands


Bloodline: Arezzo VDL x Indorado x Fedor x Notaris

Born: 2016

SOLD in 2019 to the Netherlands

Night's Watch

Bloodline: Kannan x Cantos x Indorado x Fedor

Born: 2018

SOLD in 2019 to British Columbia

With no plans to breed here in Canada for the next few years, my non-contract VDL doses are simply sitting in storage and I would rather see them being used. Shipping at buyers expense.

1 dose: Wittinger VDL (Indoctro x Nimmerdor) - sold to Alberta

2 doses: Zapatero VDL (Chin Chin x Ircolando) - sold to Alberta

3 doses: Zirocco Blue (Mr Blue x Voltaire) - sold to Ontario

All six doses are now SOLD.

Bloodline: Zapatero VDL x Cornet Obolesky x Pilot

Born: 2015

SOLD in 2018 to Alberta

Finnan (Ster)

Bloodline: Wittinger VDL x Cornet Obolesky x Pilot

Born: 2010

SOLD to Ontario

Bloodline: Harley VDL x Darco x Indoctro

Born: 2014

SOLD in 2017 to a buyer in the Netherlands, now owned in Sweden

Bloodline: Glenfiddich VDL x Cantos x Indorado

Born: 2017

SOLD in 2017 to VDL Stud as a stallion prospect/sporthorse. 

Bloodline: Cardento x Darco x Indoctro

Born: 2017

SOLD 2017 to VDL Stud as a stallion prospect/sport horse

2019: New owners in Sweden 

Bloodline: Global Express x Indorado x Fedor

Born: 2017

SOLD in 2017  to VDL Stud as a sport horse.

Lestrade (D-OC)

Bloodline: Grand Slam VDL x Darco x Indoctro

Born: 2016

SOLD in 2016 at the Nationale Veulenveiling Prinsjesdag to Lisman Stables International. 2019: Now in the UK.

Ellamieka (Ster, Prok)

Bloodline: Corland x Darco x Indoctro

Born: 2009

SOLD as a broodmare - in foal to Carrera VDL (the Netherlands)

Lamieka-JM (D-OC) - Sold In Utero

Bloodline: Cornet Obolensky x Pilot x Aarstein

Born: 2003

SOLD in 2015 to Texas as a broodmare

Bloodline: Zirocco Blue VDL x Darco x Indoctro

Born: 2015

SOLD in 2015 to the VDL stud as a stallion/sport prospect

Bloodline: Cardento x Corland x Darco

Born: 2013

SOLD in 2013 to a buyer in Sweden.

Faizemieka (Elite, IBOP, Sport, Prok)

Bloodline: Zirocco Blue x Darco x Indoctro

Born: 2010

SOLD in 2013 while in foal to Zapatero VDL to VDL Stud while at her keuring 

Jaizemieka VDL (ster) - SOLD In Utero

Zelinosa (Keur, IBOP, Sport)

Bloodline: Indoctro x Navarone x Jason

Born: 2005

SOLD in 2009 to Turkey - now competing as SIEC Zelinosa.

Navarre (ex. Spetter)

Bloodline: Navarone x A Lucky One x Colorado

Born: 1999

SOLD to The Dotson Family in California. 

He was then sold through Erynn Ballard to Derbydown/Chrissy Serio in 2011 - now retired.

Competition Horses Prior to Mikali Farms



1993 KWPN gelding

Bloodline: Doliart x Sabatini

Sold to Michael Dutka, USA. 

Retired in Virginia, where he passed away on Nov 18, 2017 at the age of 24.

1996 Hannoverian Mare

Bloodline: Gluckspilz x Bismarck

Sold to Ole Striegel, USA.


Luka (ex. Julio de Darmen)

1993 Rhinelander Gelding

Bloodline: Radjah Z x Bismarck

"Chay" and I started out in the 1.10m jumpers in 1998 and moved our way up to the 1.40m/Talent Squad classes by the time I sold him in 2000.

Sold to Sydney Jewell (USA) with whom he stayed until his passing on November 22, 2016 at the age of 23.

1986 Belgian Warmblood Gelding

Bloodline: Lys de Darmen x Volkoorn

Luka and I started out in the Trillium Jumpers back in 1993. 

He was my partner on the Ontario Team at Young Riders (Chicago) in 1996. By the time he was sold in 1999, we had competed up to the 1.45m level across Canada!

Sold to California.

Platoon II (Registered as E)

1986 KWPN gelding

Bloodline: Zeus x Nurprimus x Important

"Toonie" was my CET medal, and Junior/Amateur jumper during the 1996 and 1997 show seasons.

Sold to Turkey.



Bloodline: Unknown

"Tex" was my mother's horse, but I showed him in the Trillium Jumpers from 1992-1994

Montego Bay

Thoroughbred Mare

Bloodline: Unknown

"Montey" was my Children's, Junior and Trillium Hunter from 1990-1992

Sold to Terry Lee (Ontario) and then to Puerto Rico.

Fly Away Champ

AQHA, gelding 
Bloodline: Fly Away Ace 

"Champ" was my Children's hunter on the Trillium Circuit in 1989 - SOLD in Canada.

Sold in Ottawa.