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Night's Watch

Bloodlines: Kannan x Cantos x Indorado x Fedor x Notaris

Born: March 06, 2018

Gender: Colt

Colour: Black

Height: 16.1 hh

Breed: KWPN  

Bloodlines Background

Sire: Kannan

Dam's Sire: Cantos

Dam's Grandsire: Indorado

Sire: Kannan has been consistently ranked amongst the top sires in the world.  In terms of genetics, Kannan shows a pedigree full of major legends like Nimmerdor, Voltaire and Le Mexico. Kannan seems to match with a lot of mares whilst adding canter, strength and a super mouth, he works particularly well with blood type mares. His offspring are appreciated worldwide for their exceptional talent, great willingness, kind temperament and their ability to react.

Dam's Sire: Cantos himself had a successful career. He passes blood and type on to his foals. They have a great jumping technique and a fantastic character.

Dam's Grandsire: Indorado had an impressive career winning two qualifiers for the Bundeschampionat as a young stallion, and was 10th in the finals. With Jur Vrieling he turned in many good performances at international level.  Indorado is well-known for producing big, long lined horses with an unlimited amount of scope.

Dam: Gwenhwyvar is a career broodmare for the extreme quality that she passes on to her offspring. She was put under saddle and passed her IBOP showing good rideability, quick reflexes and carefulness at the fences.

Granddam: Apolairs had three foals before turning to a sports career. She moved up the divisions, finishing at the 1.45m level while training up to 1.60m. The decision was made to return her to breeding where she is currently providing us with talented offspring.

Dam: Gwenhwyvar

Date Bred: March 29, 2017

Date Expected: March 03, 3017 (340 days)

March 06, 2018 - It's a colt!!

Being a fan of the television series Game of Thrones, we have decided to name this colt "Night's Watch" after the military order which holds and guards the Wall, the immense ice structure which separates the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms from the lands beyond.

The Night's Watch is organized in three departments: the Rangers, who fight, defend the Wall and patrol the Haunted Forest; the Builders, who maintain the Wall and the castles; and the Stewards, who support and feed the members of the Watch.

For a barn name, we will call this colt "Jon" after  Lord Commander Jon Snow.

He is everything we had hoped from the cross! Tall, long-legged and such a pretty refined face. I can only hope that he moves as good as he looks.

March 09, 2018

April 06, 2018



SOLD to British Columbia, Canada.

Spring 2020

Novemeber 2020: Night's Watch is now licensed with the CWHBA!

Last Updated: November 17, 2020