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Glenfiddich VDL x Cantos x Indorado x Fedor

Born: March 20, 2016 
Gender: Mare
Colour: Bay (gg E? A?) 
Height: 16.1 1/2 hh (1.66m)
Breed: KWPN

Bloodline Background

Sire: Glenfiddich VDL 

Dam Sire: Cantos

Dam Dam's Sire: Indorado

Glenfiddich VDL: is the only approved son of jumping phenomenon Bacardi VDL.  In the dam line of Glenfiddich we see the sires: Corrado I, Nimmerdor and Jalisco B, who contribute to his exceptional pedigree. Those famous stallions jumped at the highest level and produced numerous show jumpers with excellent talent for the big shows.  Dam Tolivia is awarded ‘Elite, Prestatie and Preferent’ and grand dam Nolivia is ‘Keur and Preferent’. Sadly colic surgery has kept Glenfiddich VDL from jumping beyond 1.35m, but  his offspring are attractive and well-developed horses with a strong top line. They stand out with their canter and they jump with a lot of power and technique.

Dam: Gwenhwyvar (Cantos x Indorado) - keur, ibop

Granddam: Apolaris (Indorado x Fedor) - keur, ibop, sport

Saddened by the loss of her Kannan filly, we have decided to switch stallions for Gwen and chose the young and talented Glenfiddich VDL. We think he will be a great match for our Gwenhwyvar, adding size, scope and power to her wonderfully feminine appearance and great gaits!

Breeding Date: April 11, 2015

Expected Due Date: March 16, 2016 (@ 340 days)

Born March 20: It's a filly - Introducing "LADYHAWKE"

This beautiful filly was born at 11:45pm on Sunday March 20th - a wonderful gift on this first day of spring!!

VDL Stallion Show - April 02 2016

I am proud to say that Ladyhawke has been selected by the VDL family to represent the quality of offspring produced by Glenfiddich VDL. This is the first foal crop that will be presented at the annual stallion show.


Ladyhawke is everything that we could have hoped for the cross of Glenfiddich VDL with Gwenhwyvar!! I am so excited to see her as she develops over the next couple of years as she is being retained for a future sport and breeding career.


Ladyhawke had been sick prior to my arrival and had lost alot of weight, but thankfully she is starting to get better. Since she was up in the stables, we decided to take a little video of her in the jumping oval.


Ladyhawke is looking well out in the winter fields - maybe at a bit of an awkward stage as she is coming three years old. 

It will be interesting to see how she grows and develops this year as we get ready to present her at her studbook inspection and hopefully for her IBOP.

I am hoping that we can also get her pregnant this year.

April 2019

Ladyhawke has received her PROK certificate

June 25: Studbook Inspection 

July 03: Just starting under saddle

October 24: IBOP

Ladyhawke passed her IBOP today with a score 79 points. I'm thrilled to say that means that she has now earned her elite predicate just like her dam Gwenhwyvar and granddam Apolaris.

Ladyhawke is now an Elite mare!!

Ladyhawke is pregnant with something VERY Special!!

I am just so excited to have gotten a pregnancy from the legendary Chin Chin!!

Chin Chin had a very impressive jumping career. Together with his former owner and rider, Jaime Azcarraga from Mexico, this combination competed in Seoul at the Olympic Games where they placed sixth individually.  In 1990, Chin Chin and Jaime Azcarraga started in the first edition of the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm. 

On September 12, 2007 the extraordinary Chin Chin passed away, he was 29 years old.

Now, 13 years later, another direct offspring will be born!

Day 344: A COLT is BORN!!

It has to be Chin Chin!

We were so happy with the quality of Payden, that we simply could not resist the chance to breed Ladyhawke for a second time to the legendary Chin Chin. Although it will delay Ladyhawke's career in sport by one year, fingers crossed for a keeper filly.

Day 342: A filly is born!!

I am so excited to say that Ladyhawke has gifted us with the amazing gift of a beautiful Chin Chin filly!

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