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Kiernan (D-OC)

  • Born: May 07, 2015
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Colour: Grey - Born Brown (Gg EE AA)
  • Height: expected 16.1hh
  • Breed: KWPN


Born May 07, 2015 - It's a Boy!!

Born in the early morning hours, this son of Zapatero VDL and Cornetta has finally arrived! Tall, strong and full of personality. He looks to have the good movement to go with his already good looks.

May 08 2015 - One Day old

May 12 2015

Arriving home to the farm for the very first time.

May 31, 2015

June 07, 2015

July 04 2015

August 01, 2015

September 04 2015: KWPN-NA keuring at Beualieu Farm = First Premium!!

Quotes from the Judges: "Second in the jumper foal class was the expressive colt Kiernan (Zapatero VDL x Cornetta by Cornet Obolensky; b/o Alison Moore of Mikali Farms). He had a long vertical neck that was well muscled and he was lean in his legs. In movement he was powerful and had quick reflexes with sufficient use of his body. Kiernan currently is in the 5th spot in the nation". 


September 19

October 2015 - Time to wean 

October 31, 2015: Final Day together

Novemeber 21 2015 - One of the boys

January 02 2016

March 12 2016

April 24 2016

June 04 2016

July 17, 2016

August 27, 2016

November 13

November 14 - Kiernan has received his D-OC predicate!!

January 21, 2017 

I have submitted the required information to the KWPN in order for them to consider Kiernan as a stallion candidate based on his pedigree and family history. It will be interesting to hear what the committee has to say as we move forward in 2017 with the idea of presenting Kiernan to the KWPN-NA as a stallion candidate in this fall's keuring tour.

February 18, 2017

I took the opportunity to visit Kiernan on this unusually sunny and warm day in Februaury. We just enjoyed each others company. Such a level headed and friendly fellow - these are the days you cherish.

March 26, 2017

May 20, 2017

May 21, 2017

August 07, 2017

KWPN-NA Keuring: September 15, 2017: Photos by Dazzle By Design

October 22, 2017

February 28, 2018

Gelded on May 01, 2018.

Last Updated: May 01, 2018