Frozen Semen

With no plans to breed here in Canada for the next few years, my non-contract VDL doses are simply sitting in storage and I would rather see them being used. Shipping at buyers expense.

Wittinger VDL - SOLD

Wittinger VDL: 1 dose @ $725 CAD + tax

In sport Wittinger performs very well. He strikes everyone with his powerful canter, great scope and his good technique of jumping. 

Zapatero VDL - SOLD

Zapatero VDL: 2 doses @ $1000/dose + tax

Zapatero’s offspring have attracted attention in the show ring. They exhibit reflexes, technique, attitude and scope.

Zirocco Blue VDL - SOLD

Zirocco Blue VDL: 3 doses @ $2000/dose + tax

Under Jur Vrieling he has achieved several very impressive international results. Not only in sport but also in breeding Zirocco Blue is exceptional.