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Apolaris (Indorado x Fedor x Notaris)

Apolaris was purchased from VDL in July 2010. She had her seconf foal at foot, a filly by Azteca VDL filly.

She had completed her IBOP before having her first foal (a colt by Chin Chin) but the decision was made to return her to sport after her third foal (a filly by Cantos) in 2011.

Apolaris competed to the 1.45m level, earning her sport predicate in the process.

The decision was made to retire her from sport and return her to the broodmare band in spring of 2015.

She has had two colts since then, one by Arezzo (2016) and the other by Global Express (2018), and is currently covered by Cornet Obolensky (due 2019).