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Apolaris - Elite, IBOP, Sport (spr), D-OC

  • Born: March 13, 2005
  • Gender: Mare    
  • Colour: Black (EE aa)
  • Height: 17.0hh    
  • Breed: KWPN
  • Offspring: Ellwood VDL, Falarie VDL, Gwenhwyvar, Logan, Maikel, Oriana, PriyanaRhianna and Syrena
  • Bloodline Background

    Sire: Indorado

    Dam Sire: Fedor

    Dam Dam's Sire: Notaris

    Apolaris is from fokfamilie 522

    Her sire, Indorado keur, had an impressive jumping carreer at Interational level and is sire to many good jumpers like Eurocommerce Milano, Eurocommerce Lanapoule, VDL Oranta, Heechhiem’s Springtime, Sam Sam, Kilkenny Rindo and many more. 

    He is also well-known for producing big, long lined horses with an unlimited amount of scope. 

    Then, in the sire line, we see the top jumper producers: Fedor (by Darco), Notaris, Marco Polo and Koridon xx.

    Her dam, Polaris, is sired by Fedor. Sired by Darco, Fedor became top of the stallions approved in 1991 with a 9 for both jumping free and under saddle. At the age of 6, he won his first national 1.30m class. He started jumping internationally in 1995, winning and placing in many classes around the world. Fedor was gelded in 1998, after being sold, and has one licensed son in the keur stallion Karandasj. 

    Granddam is the ster preferent prestatie mare Dolaris D, a mother to the National jumper Nolaris and of the Z-jumpers Hurricane, Kuilenrode, Tolaris and Ularis. She is also granddam of the International jumper Carthagena and the approved Stallions Platini, Pouwer, Within Temptation and Brugal VDL.

    At the base of this motherline is the mare Sirikit who jumped at International level.

    Stamboekkeuring 2008

    Prior to our purchasing her, Apolaris was presented to the KWPN keuring jury in 2008, where she received her ster predicate. Her scores were: Ex 70 G 70 Spr 85. 

    At the Central Keuring, she was deemed keur eligible and was invited to the National Mare Show where she competed in the freejumping competion - placing 13th overall. In the fall of that year, she scored a 76 at her IBOP, thus earning her keur predicate. All while pregnant to Chin Chin.


    When we first met Apolaris in the stables at VDL, she had her second foal at her side -  a filly by Azteca VDL (Falarie VDL). That foal was to be sold at the Summer Wolden Auction. After a discussion about the mare over coffee and cake, a hand shake sealed the deal and the mare was ours! When we purchased Apolaris that July, she had just been bred to Cantos a week prior - it was our good luck that she took! 


    Visit - March 08, 2011 

    We visited Apolaris in the spring of 2011, and although her Cantos foal is not expected until June - the excitement is already starting!

    Born June 08 - A Filly!!

    Apolaris has gifted us with an absolutely stunning filly by Cantos. We are naming the filly "Gwenhwyvar", a Welsh spelling for Guinevere of Aurthurian legend.

    It was an incredibly hard decision not to breed her again, but instead to focus on getting her started in sport. The plan is to work towards her sport predicate and continue as far as she can go before returning her once again to the broodmare band.


    After being weaned from her filly, Apolaris started training with Nella Bijlsma.

    March 31 2012

    April 14 2012

    June 25 2012

    Apolaris is now jumping 1.20m. However, with Nella's own pregnancy, we decided that a change in training locations was the best choice for Apolaris to continue with her career. For that reason, Apolaris is now training and competing with Marcel de Boer.


    Apolaris and Marcel de Boer are now competing at the 1.30m/Z level. I'm excited to report that the two times this pair has competed they have been clean! It's only a matter of time before Apolrais will receive her sport predicate!!
    June Update: The paperwork has been sent in for Apolaris to receive an FEI passport - she will debut at the FEI level during the CH de Wolden. Judging from her display of power recently while training, I have no doubts as to her future success in the show ring!!

    Visit: July 2013

    As always, Apolaris never fails to impress me! She has changed so much in the past year - she is now so much fitter and supple through her body that she can put the power in her hind end to good use. Marcel de Boer has done an absolutely wonderful job of getting her ready for the bigger classes!

    CH de Wolden

    Apolaris and Marcel de Boer had a good two weeks showing in the CSI** Small Tour during the CH de Wolden having many clear rounds in large compeition (90 horses!!).

    October Update: Once again the time has come for the horse shows to move indoors for the winter season. Apolaris will continue to horse show with Marcel gaining the valuable mileage needed for a competitive sports career. We are currently planning out the future for this amazing mare - perhaps she just might find herself coming to Canada?!

    December Update: Apolaris and Marcel jumped in a competition in Zuidbroek to end the 2013 season. At the 1.35m level, Apolaris was clean in her all in her classes leading up to the finals. Unfortunately, she had the last rail in that class.

    April 07 2014

    It is always a pleasure to ride this wonderful mare!!

    July 2014

    Training with Jur Vrieling and Suzanne Tepper.

    First horse show with Jur Vrieling - where they placed second and third in their classes  

    April 03, 2015 - Her final competition with Jur Vrieling.

    Apolaris returns to breeding with a confirmed pregnancy to Arezzo VDL!!

    We have made the decision to retire Apolaris from sport and to instead use her for breeding. 

    She comes from such a strong dam line and is such a great mare herself (She earned her sport predicate back in 2013, with competition results up to 1.40m), that we are really excited to be using her once again!!

    We have chosen the ever popular Arezzo VDL!!

    February 06 2016

    May 01, 2016 - it's a colt!!

    Pregnant to 5 year old ISAH Cup Champion - Global Express!!

    November 14 - Apolaris has received her D-OC predicate making her an Elite mare!!

    April 21, 2017 - it's a Colt!!

    Apolaris has given us a large and athletic colt by Global Express. We are naming him "Maikel" in honour of my brother Michael (although we went with the Dutch spelling).

    April 29, 2017

    October 02, 2017

    Sadly, we have found Apolaris to be open this year. We had tried breeding her to the young stallion Jardonnay VDL, and while she would have a black dot at two weeks, she was found to be open at the heartbeat check two different times. While we don't like to leave her open, we are looking forward to getting an earlier start next year.


    I am very excited to say that Apolaris is pregnant to the wonderful stallion Cornet Obolensky.  Already 21 years of age, Cornet Obolensky´s oldest offspring have advanced to the highest level of show jumping.

    Cornet Obolensky was from Clinton’s first crop of foals. His dam, Rabanna van Costersveld was an advanced showjumper in Britain, and her sire Heartbreaker is one of the most successful sons of Nimmerdor. 

    I can only hope that the foal will inherit the best of both parents!!


    Visiting with Apolaris on February 01, it is easy to see that she is heavy in foal. She is 300 days along at this point.

    I am so excited to see her foal by Cornet Obolensky!!

    March 22, 2019 - It's a FILLY!!

    At the reasonable hour of 10pm, Apolaris presented us with this most beautiful and special filly by Cornet Obolensky.

    She will be called "Oriana" - a medieval name meaning "sunrise or dawn". A name that implies a new day or new beginning seems fitting for some changes in my own life that also occurred today.

    We are looking forward to seeing this mare unfold over for the next few days - she just might be a keeper!

    April 24 & 26, 2019

    After taking a couple of days to settle, Apolaris is enjoying motherhood once again.

    Apolaris has certainly delivered a lovely filly in Oriana. We are so pleased with her that we have decided to keep her for sport and as a future broodmare. 

    Pregnant to Tobago Z for 2020!!

    I'm super excited that Apolaris has taken on the first breeding attempt of this year!

    She is pregnant to the amazing Tobago Z!! He was the most successful horse of the 2018 Global Champions League, he won the WC of Madrid and the GP’s of Lyon and Oslo and numerous times he stood on the podium of a 5* GP.

    His direct relatives are all top performers. His dam, Whoopie C, was a successful 1.60m horse under Yves Vanderhasselt and she was praised for her extreme reflexes and quality. His sister, HH Donatella travelled the world with Quentin Judge and Paola Amilibia.

    March 30, 2020 - It's a filly!!

    Apolaris has gifted us with the most adorable little filly. We have decided to name her "Priyana" - a name of Indian/Hindu origin meaning "ideal".

    April 22

    I was so thrilled to receive this photo of Apolaris and her family from Stal de Ontginning. There are four generations from this one family!

    Pregnant to Levi VDL for 2021!

    Having already produced a lovely colt by Arezzo, it was an easy choice to choose his young son Levi VDL as the next stallion for Apolaris. 

    At the KWPN Stallion Inspection in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Levi was one of my favourites and demonstrated his quality by earning his ticket for both the champions ring and the performance test. He went on to score a 79 at his stallion test, but what really sold me on this 4yo beyond his talent is his amazing personality. Due to the COVID pandemic and the changes to the presentation of the VDL Stallion Show, I was impressed to see this young stallion happily ridden on the beach by Wesley de Boer (14yo).

    April 14, 2021 - It's a filly!!

    I am excited to say that Apolaris has delivered another striking long legged filly! We are going to name her "Rhianna" which is of welsh origin meaning "great queen".

    June 14, 2022 - It's another filly!!

    Arriving at the respectable hour of 10pm on day 335, we welcome this lovely filly by Cornet Obolensky (meaning she is a full sister to Oriana).

    We are naming her "Syrena" a name of Greek origin meaning "enchantress".

    Last Updated: June 14, 2021