May 19: Our second foal of the year has arrived and I am so excited that Azemieka has gifted us with a filly!! This long-legged, refine foal by Corporal VDL will be named Nannamieka. We affectionately called my grandmother "Nanny", and now my nieces call my mother "Nanna" - it seems the perfect name to honour them.

May 17: Excited to have our second black dot of the season! It took a few tries but Gwenhwyvar has a Glasgow van't Merelesnest pregnancy, which would see the safe arrival of her foal next April.

April 25:  We have our first black dot of the season ... although it is probably a little too early to celebrate. Fingers crossed that Apolaris cooperates this season and holds onto her Cornet Obolensky pregnancy. If all runs smoothly, we should have a safe delivery next March!!

April 21: The results are in for the coat colour analysis of Zanzahra! She has tested as EE AA, meaning that she can only produce bay offspring (potential for grey with a grey sire). That means we have three mares that will never produce a chestnut in our breeding program (Apolaris, Gwenhwyvar and Zanzahra) - not that it was ever a goal, just a fun fact discovered with my interest in genetics.


April 06-07: I made a quick trip to Holland for the weekend to visiting the horses and watch the VDL Stallion Show. Apolaris was at the vets to be inseminated, so I did not get to see her this time but everyone else looked great. Azemieka is looking heavy in foal since she is due in just over a months time. Zanzahra has settled into her new home well. She is due late-June so she is just starting to show. Gwenhwyvar has delivered what I feel is her best foal to date! Night's Watch is all that I'd hoped from the cross - tall, long lined and athletic (just wish he'd been a she)!! Both Ladyhawke and Logan are developing nicely. They are both showing good size and development, with a natural talent at the fence. Even though they were sold to VDL last year, I also got to check-in with Macallan, MacNeil and Maikel. The three yearling colts are all growing well. I got to see some of their first attempts at free jumping and am happy with the results - I look forward to seeing them mature and hiopefully be presented to the stallion jury in a couple of years time.

April 04: We have made the final decision to have Kiernan gelded this year. Although we believe in the quality of this young horse, we are not going to pursue the preparation and training necessary for presenting him at any of the stallion approvals. We will simply give him an nice start under saddle and prepare him for a future competitive career.

March 06: An exciting start to the foaling season!! On day 343, Gwenhwyvar has gifted us with another tall and striking colt!! With the characters of Game of Thrones in mind, we have decided that this jet black beauty will be named "Night's Watch". We will call him "Jon" in the barn. As Gwenhwyvar is producing such lovely babies, we have decided to keep her as a broodmare and let her siblings and offspring get the sport results for the family - we will breed her to Glasgow van't Merelsnest this year.


October 24: I am excited to announce that we are adding a new broodmare to the group!! A 10yo Holsteiner mare, Zanzahra is by the legendary Cassini I out of a Caretino x Ramiro dam. She is currently in foal to Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve and due in June 2018. Zanzahra has been a career broodmare for her breeder/previous owner with many foals that have gone to be sold for good prices at auction. She is even the dam to a licensed Oldenbury stallion, and granddam to a licensed Holsteiner Stallion. We look forward to adding her genetics to our breeding program!!

October 08: After a final visit for this season, I am happy to report that all of the horses are looking happy and healthy. Sadly it was discovered that Apolaris was open after 40 days, but Gwenhwyvar and Azemieka are still showing strong pregnancies. The colts (probably my strongest group of foals yet) were all weaned by my departure without any sings of stress from them or their mothers. Finally, the yearlings are looking much stronger and more mature with the summer in the fields. I am now starting to look forward to next year!

July 28: I am happy to report our third and final pregnancy for the year! Apolaris is in foal to the young stallion Jardonnay VDL. 

July 13: Another sale for Mikali Farms. Finnan has been sold to a new home in the Toronto, Ontario area - we wish his new owner the best of luck and success in the future and look forward to seeing what Finnan can do in the show ring!!

July 07: Good news from Holland today - Azemieka is in foal to Corporal VDL! Although we wish she would have caught again with Cardento himself for a full sibling to MacNeil, it will be exciting to see the cross from this Cardento son. 

June 27: Presented at the studbook keuring in Boijl, Jaizemieka VDL a mare that we had sold in-utero when VDL Stud bought her dam Faizemieka, earned her ster predicate today. She scored a 70 for conformation and a 75 for jumping.

June 16: Unfortunately the breeding plans for this year are going to have to change. We have tried three times to breed Azemieka back to Cardento but she is still open. We are going to switch to the Cardento son Corporal VDL. Apolaris has been providing a different challenge in that she has not been developing a breedable follicle - rather than gamble with Cornet Obolensky, we are going to switch directly to a stallion offering fresh semen. We are going to try the newly licensed stallion Jardonnay VDL.

May 10: More good news from Holland today - Gwenhwyvar was scanned at 40 days in foal to Kannan! Azemieka was bred to Cardento for the second time this season, if she does not take again - we may have to consider switching to another stallion. Since we are breeding Apolaris with frozen from Cornet Obolensky this year, we skipped her foal heat and should be breeding her within the next week. Fingers crossed for two more black dots this season!!

May 09: It is never an easy decision which horses to sell and which to produce, so we wish the new owners of Jadziamieka all the best in their future endeavors and hope that we will be able to continue to follow her results in the future.

April 25: When VDL asks you to price all three of your colts as they are interested in acquiring them, it is not a hard decision to make a package deal! I am happy to say that an agreement has been reached and Macallan, MacNeil and Maikel have been sold to the VDL Stud!!

April 21: Our third and final foal of the season was born today! Apolaris has made it a clean sweep for the boys delivery a healthy colt by Global Express. We are naming him Maikel in honour of my brother Michael.

April 10: Our second foal of the season was born today! Azemieka has delivered a strong, healthy colt by the great stallion Cardento. We have named him MacNeil after my fathers ancestral Scottish clan! He's currently a gorgeous black with four white socks and striking facial markings, but we feel he will be a grey like his father - we are certainly excited to see this one, and it is making us think that a re-breed to Cardento is in order.

April 01: The first Saturday in April is always the date for the VDL Stallion Show. This year Macallan was invited to represent the offspring of Glenfiddich VDL (just like full sister Ladyhawke last year). Both he and his dam Gwenhwyvar looked great during their time in the ring - such a proud moment as a breeder to have back-to-back foals asked to shown!! Fingers crossed that Gwenhwyvar will soon be back in foal (she was bred March 29 to Kannan), she is producing such wonderful offspring!

February 27: Exciting news from Holland today! Our first foal of the season has arrived. Gwenhwyvar has delivered a strong, healthy colt by Glenfiddich VDL, a full brother to last years filly Ladyhawke. We are have decided to name this colt after another fine Scotch whishkey - Macallan!!

February 10: Travel plans for this year are now taking shape! I will take a quick trip at the end of April to visit all the new foals and make a final decision on this years stallions (if the mares haven't already been bred again). I will be back again at the end of June to watch Jadziamieka at her keuring and see how this years foals are developing. Gwenhwyvar has reached the 320 day mark, so we are excited to enter foal watch 2017 with Azemieka and Apolaris are about one month behind. It should be an exciting year!!


December 16:  The next round of testing is complete - Gwenhwyvar and Jadziamieka have both received their D-OC predicate!! This means that like her dam, Gwenhwyvar is now an ELITE predicated mare!!

November 14: This morning I got an email from the KWPN genomic committee saying that Kiernan, Azemieka and Apolaris have all received their D-OC predicate!! This means that Apolaris is now an ELITE mare!! Next to under go their DNA testing for OCD will be Gwenhwyvar and Jadizamieka.

October 10: Nearly seven years to the day that I sat on her sire Capi Rossi for the first time, this Thanksgiving Monday was celebrated with my first time sitting on his daughter Haven. It was an emotional and happy day for me as the owner of both her sire and dam!

September 13: Lestrade was presented and sold at the Prinsjesdag Auction. He will be staying in Holland and is going to his new home at the Lisman Stables at the end of the month.

September 05: I went to watch the KWPN-NA keuring at Canadream Farm (Dunvegan, Ontario) today. It was the first for the location, and was a well run show. I look forward to attending next year. Since the day ended early enough before his next flight, I was able to bring Janko van de Legeweg over to the farm to see Kiernan and give me his opinion on how he is developing. As an added bonus, judges Bart Henstra and Harrie Derks also came along. I am very happy to report that they really like his type, movement and character and feel that it is worth keeping him a stallion prospect and presenting him as a two year old next year!! They recommended I go ahead with the OCD-genomic testing, then submit him for pedigree approval in the spring.

July: Exciting news!! Lestrade has been accepted into the Prinsjesdag Foal Auction to be held in September!! He and dam Azemieka had their photo/video day on Friday July 22nd. Information on the auction can be found on http://www.prinsjesdag.eu/. I hope that he will show himself well and make his new owners very happy!!

June: I am very happy to report that Gwenhwyvar, Azemieka and Apolaris are all back in foal for next year!!

May 18-21: Another short trip to Holland to see all of the horses and meet the new foals. I am so thrilled with the quality of foals produced this year!!

May 10: Good news from Holland today - Gwenhwyvar was scanned at 40 days in foal to Glenfiddich VDL We also got our first breeding attempts of the season for both Azemieka (to Cardento) and Apolaris (to Global Express). Fingers crossed for two more black dots in the next couple of weeks!!

May 01: Our long awaited last foal of the season has arrived! Apolaris delivered a tall, healthy colt by Arezzo VDL. He will be named "Logan" after the X-Men character Wolverine.

April 18: Excited to say that we have our first pregnancy of this year!! Although early at just 19 days, Gwenhwyvar is again pregnant to Glenfiddich VDL!!

April 14: Our second foal of the season has arrived safely!! Azemieka has delivered a strong and handsome colt by Grand Slam VDL. He will be named "Lestrade" after the character of Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade from Sherlock Holmes.

March 31: Very excited to say that I got a call from Janko today asking if Ladyhawke could be shown in the VDL Stallion Show on April 02!! This has been a dream of mine since I started breeding, I only wish that I could be there to see them show in person ... but I will have to content myself with watching them on the live broadcast on clipmyhorse.de

March 20: The first day of spring and we have our newest arrival! Gwenhwyvar has delivered a bay filly by Glenfiddich VDL to be named "Ladyhawke". After last year, it is wonderful to get the news of the safe arrival of a healthy foal and mare ... Looking forward to sharing photos once they arrive!!

March 03: The genetics came back for Apolaris and she is a true black - EE aa!!

January 31 - February 08: I attended the KWPN-NA annual general meeting. This year it took place in the Netherlands. I went in a couple of days early. The first day included a tour of Nijhof and a visit to Jumping Amsterdam. The second day included a visit to Stal de Ontginning to see all the "girls", before heading north for a tour of VDL. The third day was a visit to Flora Holland and a tour of the Zaans Schans. The fourth day was a tour of the KWPN center in Ermelo, followed by an afternoon at the stables of Coby Van Baalen and the annual awards dinner. The next three days were spent at the KWPN stallion show - first two days of jumpers and one day with the dressage horses. We did take a small trip to Stal van der Schans to see a fellow breeders horse that had found his way to Holland on the Friday morning. The last two days focused on the stallions of VDL - first a long day of visiting!! Back to Stal de Ontginning, then to Stal M de Boer and finally Stal Jur Vrieling. The last day was a trip to Stal Henstra and a final goodbye to VDL stud. A dinner with a few fellow travellers at the hotel in Amsterdam finished off the journey. It was great to touch base with old friends, forge some new ones and get to see all the wonderful stallions that the KWPN has to offer!!

January: We are expecting three foals this year - all to be born in Holland. Gwenhwyvar is pregnant to Glenfiddich VDL and due mid-March while Apolaris is pregnant to Arezzo VDL and Azemieka VDL is pregnant to Grand Slam VDL, both of whom are due around mid-April. Jadziamieka will be turning two this year, so it will be exciting to see how she is developing. Here at home in Canada, Finnan is going under saddle and has begun jumping with an eye to begin his sport career this year. Haven has been started under saddle and may head to a couple of shows to dabble in the hunter ring later this season. Kiernan will be growing in the fields with his two other playmates, with the intention to leave him a stallion and pursue approvals.


Decemeber 22: I am happy to announce our third sale of the year - Ellamieka, who is pregnant to Carrera VDL has been sold. A big thank you goes out to VDL for thinking of us for one of their clients. We wish them much success with our first born!!

November 02: A bit of a sad day for us - Cornetta has started her journey to her new home in Texas. It won't be the same without her around - you certainly get attached after eight years together. We can only hope that she will continue to produce wonderful offspring for her new owners.

October 21: Weaning time has arrived for Cornetta and Kiernan. We want to give Kiernan every opportunity to develop as a potential stallion candidate, so we have found him a new home where he will get to grow up with another two colts his age. 

September 04: We are back from another successful keuring! This time it was Kiernan's turn to turn some heads. Held at Beaulieu Farm in Quebec, Kiernan earned his first premium in the jumper foal class, placing second in the group with an overall score of 77. At the half-way mark of the tour, he currently sits among the Top Five!!

August 20: Back from another wonderful trip to the Netherlands. With no mare to present to the keurings this year, I chose to visit during the annual KWPN Horse Days to see the best of the jumper bred foals, the 3-yo mares free jumping as well as the top 4-7 year old jumpers. It was truly an education!! Along with the competition in Ermelo, I was also able to stop in and see our horses. I am happy to report that all four mares are in foal for 2016!! Gwenhwyvar, Apolaris and Azemieka are all looking good and healthy. Kanada is looking more and more like a true stallion candidate - good looks, large frame and powerful!! The same description holds for Jadziamieka! We saw her free jump for the first time and she showed quick reflexes, good technique and the desire to be careful - very excited about this special group!! The good news also came from VDL that Ellamieka has also settled and is pregnant! 

July 30: Unfortunately Cornetta has be found open after being bred to the exceptional stallion Chin Chin. We knew it was a gamble... I hate to leave Cora open for the year, but I just don't like breeding in August for a July baby. Instead, we will regroup and breed her again next spring.

June 08: Azemieka has a confirmed pregnancy to Grand Slam VDL! That's three of four mares in Holland. Sadly Ellamieka is not taking with Cardento so we are switching to one of his talented sons, Carrera VDL. We are also watching Cora for her next cycle to get our first attempt at being bred this year.

June 05: We have reached an agreement and I am happy to report that VDL stud has purchased Kanada as a future stallion candidate. It will certainly be fun to see him grow and develop before he is presented to the stallion committee in just two-an-a-half short years!

June 04: Good news from Holland today - our second confirmed pregnancy!! Apolaris is in foal to Arezzo VDL!! Now we are awaiting the last two results for Azemieka and Ellamieka next week.

May 07: In the early hours of the morning, Cornetta delivered a handsome, healthy colt by Zapatero VDL. We are going to be calling him "Kiernan". He is already full of personality with a powerful, correct build and expressive face. We can't wait to see him out and moving!! Cora needed some assistance when foaling Kiernan due to a shoulder lock, but with the vets help both mom and baby are doing well.

April 30: We have our first confirmed pregnancy of 2015. Gwenhwyvar is pregnant to Glenfiddich VDL!

April: We are awaiting the arrival of our last foal of 2015 (by Zapatero VDL and out of Cornetta) but we have already had the first two mares covered for our 2016 foal crop. Azemieka has been covered by Grand Slam VDL on April 04. Gwenhwyvar was covered by Glenfiddich VDL on April 10. We have also made the decision to retire Apolaris from sport and she to will be bred this year (Arezzo VDL). Ellamieka had moved up to the 1.20m classes, but she will be sold as a broodmare (to be covered by Cardento).

March 25-28: The KWPN-NA Annual General Meeting. It was great to see all my fellow breeders! The awards banquet saw two top awards being awarded to Finnan, which was a very proud moment for me.

March 08: We received both good and bad news from Holland today. First the good news! Azemieka has delivered a strong, healthy colt by Zirocco Blue. We are going to be calling him "Kanada". He already looks to be a powerful mover, with long legs and a good conformation. The only question remaining is whether or not he will go grey. The bad news is that Gwenhwyvar aborted her Kannan foal, four weeks before her due date. It was a jet black filly too. It feels appropriate to name her Kalani as it is of Hawaiin origin for "the heavens"... RIP little angel.

March 01: This time in the $50,000 Horseware Ireland Grand Prix, Chianto had one rail in the first round and had to settle for 9th place.

February 27: Chianto places an incredibly close second to Rich Fellers and Flexible in the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix!! Not bad for two 19 year old horses.

February 01: It was a 9th place finish for Chianto in today's $50,000 Go Rentals Grand Prix.

January 18: Another show season begins for Chianto!!


December 29: With 2014 drawing to a close, I am happy to report that all the horses are happy and healthy as we look forward to continued success in the new year!!

September 24: Gwenhwyvar scored a credible 75.5 to pass her IBOP today in Assen. She is know officially a keur mare!! She will know get to enjoy some time off in the fields as we expect her first foal next April. 

September 08: A very successful day at the KWPN-NA keuring held at Prima Equestrian as Finnan earns his ster predicate with a score of 85 for conformation and 90 for jumping. He also scored an 89.5 in the Claybrook Farms Cup!! He was named Top Adult Jumper and Overall High Score of the keuring!!

September 07: Chianto and John Pearce placed ninth in the Zoetis $1 Million Grand Prix at HITS Saugerties.

August 31: Another victory for Chianto and John Pearce!! They WON their 40th Grand Prix today at HITS Sugerties. The win in the $50,000 is a great lead into next weeks Million Dollar Class! 

July 19: Chianto and John Pearce placed third in the $50,000 Grand Prix to end week 6 at the Colorado Horse Park. 

July 15: Placing third in her group, Gwenhwyvar was named provisional keur at the Central Keuring in Warga. Sadly she just misses out on receiving an invite to the NMK in August. The plan is to get her started under saddle, and perhaps to an IBOP before too heavily in foal. 

July 05: Apolaris and Jur had there first show together - posting a clean round and placing second!! They were also third in a Gambler's Choice class.

July 04: Before heading to Amsterdam, we stopped by VDL. Janko showed us all of the newly approved stallions - it is amazing to see how developped some of these three year olds are... After some business over tea and coffee, it was off to the fields to see Faizemieka and her Zapatero filly who they named Jaizemieka VDL. Faiza is looking to be a wonderful and patient mother, and it was wonderful to see how my breeding choice turned out. Jaiza is an elegant filly with an amazingly powerful canter!! It looks like she has inherited her mother's calm and loving disposition as well. She is going to be in the National Elite Auction Borculo in late August - congratulations to the eventual lucky bidder!! 

July 03: The day started with a trip to Stal M. de Boer to see how Ellamieka was progressing with her training. She has come a really long way since I first saw her under saddle a few short months ago! It was nice to see her handling the tests of the bigger jumps with ease and determination. Our next stop was to visit with  Azemieka VDL, now safely in foal to Zirocco Blue for next year, and our current filly Jadziamieka. Jadzia has certainly grown!! Still as independent as ever, she is a powerful looking filly so I am excited to see how she develops!! Our last stop was to see Gwenhwyvar again. She was sleeping soundly after her keuring and was just as friendly as ever.

July 02: Had the opportunity to meet Jur Vrieling and Suzanne Tepper today - what a pleasure!! Jur then rode Apolaris for us so that we could see how she is developing. It's exciting to see where the future will take her!! 

July 01: Gwenhwyvar has earned her ster predicate today at the studbook inspection at HBC Stal in Boijl. She scored an 80 for her conformation, so I have no doubt that she will make provisional keur at the Central Keuring. Unfortunately off their one viewing, the judges were unsure how to mark Gwen for her jumping. She scored an overall 75, although it could easily have been the 80 that we that know her believe she deserved... oh well, that is young horses for you!

June 24: Another trip to Holland is fast approaching! Gwenhwyvar trained by Auke de Jong Stables will be attending her keuring on July 01st! We will be visiting Apolaris who is currently stabled and to be ridden by Jur Vrieling, Azemieka and Jadziamieka at Stal de Ontginning and Ellamieka with Stal de Boer ... plus we will get to see Faizemieka and her new daughter at VDL!! After our time in Holland, my parents and I will take a few days to visit Stratford-Upon-Avon, Chester and then on to Northern Wales!! Certainly looking forward to visiting with friends and playing tourist!!

June 21: Chianto won his 28th career Grand Prix today in the $30,000 in Colorado

June 17: We have our third black dot of the season!! Cornetta is pregnant off the first attempt using Zapatero. I am sad that we couldn't get a pregnancy using the Brugal semen, but more than happy to be expecting a Zapatero offspring as I do love the stallion.

June 14: Chianto wins another Grand Prix!! This time it was the $25,000 in Colorado

May 25: Faizemieka has delivered a healthy, beautiful foal by Zapatero VDL for her owners at the VDL Stud - so happy to have my second generation using this motherline back in the hands of the original breeders!!

May 19: We have our second black dot of the season!! Gwenhwyvar is pregnant off the first attempt with Kannan. 

April 23: We have our first black dot of the season!! Azemieka is pregnant off the first attempt with Zirocco Blue. 

April 09: I am know home from another wonderful trip to Holland. As always, it is great to get to see the VDL stallions up close and the development of the younger stallions. So many choices and some beautiful offspring never seem to add to the list of the stallions one would like to use instead of narrowing it down!!I am happy to report that all the mares are happy and healthy in their respective homes, receiving impeccable care from a fabulous network of people! Gwen is a beautiful young mare with a calm and loving disposition and showed some good initial instincts in the free jumping chute. Azemieka is looking fit and healthy in her role as mother and has blessed us with another beautiful filly! Jadzia is a little red blaze of energy - she was either standing still for her photos or running in circles around her mother. At 7 days of age, I am in love!! Apolaris  never disappoints - she has developed so much strength and suppelness in her body since I saw her last July - the jumps are so easy for her! Ellamieka is doing well - walk, trot and canter inside and outside. We are leaning towards completing her IBOP and then returning her to the broodmare band.

April 07: Azemieka has been covered on her foal heat by the superstar Zirocco Blue!

March 30: It's a filly! Azemieka has blessed us with a little chestnut beauty by Harley VDL!! We will name her Jadziamieka.

March 27: Currently preparing for another trip to see the VDL Stallion Show next weekend and to visit all the mares in Holland. Azemieka is in the window for foaling (currently at 333 days), so hopefully I'll get to meet the new one while I am there... Gwenhwyvar is going to be coming in from the fields to start her preparations for her keuring in July. Ellamieka has been started under saddle in aims of doing her IBOP this year, so I look forward to seeing how she is doing and Apolaris has moved up to the 1.40m division, so decisions for her summer show schedule will have to be made!!

March 6-8: I attended my first KWPN-NA annual general meeting. Good discussions and demos - it was a fabulous opportunity to meet some of my fellow breeders face-to-face!!


December 23: Faizemieka completed her IBOP today with a score of 81.5. This makes her an ELITE mare (keur+prok)!! Congratulations to the VDL Stud!!

October 04: Idellamieka was sold today to buyers from Sweden. A thank you to Janko and VDL for thinking of Idellamieka to meet your clients needs!

September 16: It is with great sadness that I write that we lost Capi to colic today...  It happened very quickly, but the decision was made to let him pass peacefully on the operating table... It is a loss that was felt by all that knew and loved him...

July 24: Apolaris finished her first week placing 20th in the Small Tour Final. I have also received the coat colour analysis from Gwenhwyvar - she is EE Aa, so no possibilty of chestnut offspring!

July 18: A busy day for news! Apolaris jumped a double clean in her first CSI** event. She placed 18th out of 90 in her 1.20m small tour class. Faizemieka was named provisional keur at the Central Keuring in Warga, also securing her invite to the NMK in August. Finally, Chianto placed 2nd in the $15,000 Open Welcome in Colorado!! Go team!!

July 01 - 06: As always, the trips to Holland are too short! I am happy to report that Faizemieka earned her ster predicate and has been sold to the VDL Stud!! Also excited to report that Azemieka is nearly 8 weeks pregnant to Harley VDL for foal in April 2014!! Ellamieka produced an absolutely lovely filly in Idellamieka with Cardento, so she will be prepared for her IBOP next year after weaning! Gwenhwyvar is growing into a lovely mare, she is still a little growthy at the moment but I look forward to seeing her at next years keuring!! Finally, Apolaris is exceeding my expectations under saddle! She jumps the top of the standards with ease... She heads to her first FEI show at CH de Wolden and I expect great things for her!!

July 02: Faizemieka showed her power and scope at todays studbook keuring in Boijl (Holland). VDL made an offer to purchase her before she even went into the freejumping arena! She finished the day with a conformation score of 75 and a jumping score of 80 - easily earning her ster predicate!! She will be presented for keur eligibilty at the Central Keuring in Werga on July 18th.

June 08: Chianto and John Pearce placed 2nd in the $15,000 Open Welcome and then WON the $30,000 Grand Prixto start off their Colorado show circuit! So proud of the "old" man!!

June 01/Updates: USA: Chianto has arrived safely in Colorado for the summer show circuit. Canada: Capi is now fully leased for the remainder of the 2013 show season. Holland: Azemieka is 3 weeks in foal to Harley VDL for an April 2013 foal, and Faizemieka will be covered this coming week by Zapatero VDL. Finally, Apolaris is going to get an FEI passport so that she may show at the international level!

May 21: Good news from Holland! We have another filly! This is the first second generation foal for Mikali Farms - to be named "Idellamieka" or Ida for short, she is by Cardento and out of our first foal Ellamieka (Corland x Darco x Indoctro).

May 19: Capi has just completed two successful weeks at Palgrave where he was leased by a client of Cathy Inch to compete in the A Equitations and Junior Hunters.

April 17: Faizemieka has moved from the fields where she has spent the last three years to her new home to begin training for her mare show/keuring in July. Fingers crossed that all goes well the big day of the show!!

April 13: Chianto and John Pearce win the $50,000 Spring Classic III Grand Prix at the Oaks!

April 12: Capi has returned home to Ottawa after a winter in Florida. Look for him and I in the Amateur-Owner Hunters and the Derbies this season if he does not sell before then.

March 17: Chianto and John Pearce place second to Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum in the inaugural AIG HITS Thermal $1 Million Grand Prix!! The first to go clean out of the 40 starters - an unlucky rail in the jump-off and 0.30 seconds kept them from the victory! Still what an amazing day!! Chianto is now at $1 Million in lifetime earnings!!

March 10: Another victory for Chianto winning the $25,000 Smartpak Grand Prix!!

February 24: Chianto wins the $30,000 SmartPak Grand Prix!

February 12: Azemieka is ready to be bred. This year we have choosen Harley VDL. Hoping for the good news of a little black dot in a couple weeks time.

January 27: A good start to the winter circuits! Capi starts his Florida circuit with a Championship in the Adequan Hunter Division at HITS Ocala. Over at HITS Thermal, Chianto placed 8th in the $25,000 Smartpak Grand Prix and 9th in the $50,000 EMO Grand Prix (not too bad for a 17 year old).


Dec 21: I got word the other day that Azemieka has received enough points for her sport predicate! A huge thank goes out to Marcel de Boer for riding her to the predicate. Azemieka will now rejoin the broodmare band with the hopes of earning her preferent/prestatie predicates in the years to come.

Dec 04: Capi is now safely in Wellington, Florida for the Winter tour. Kelly Soleau and Jonathon Millar will take great care of him. Back home, Cora is back out with the other broodmares and Haven is happily in with the other weanlings for the winter. Finnan is enjoying life with his turnout out buddy Swanky (himself a retired Grand Prix jumper). Over in Holland, Azemieka and Apolaris are both working towards their sport predicates, while the other mares/fillies enjoy life in the fields.

Sept 09: Capi has completed 4 successful show weeks in the Combined Working Hunter division with Kelly in the irons. He has been a superstar throughout, and I can only imagine what the rest of this journey will bring! Unfortunately, John and Chianto were not so lucky in this years Pfizer Millon Dollar class...  so we look to the Millon Dollar Class in California this coming March!

August 07: Super excited to announce that Cornetta is confirmed 40 days in foal to the VDL stallion Brugal (Indorado x Guidam x Notaris)! I believe that this will be the first Brugal pregnancy in North America!! Cora is due late May 2013.

July 17: X-rays confirm that I have indeed broken my hand (fractured the 5th metacarpal of my right hand about 10 days ago)... So I am now stuck in a cast for the next six weeks with some physical therapy to follow. I have asked my friend Kelly Soleau to take over the reins and show Capi for me for the remainder of the show season - so he will now do the 2nd year greens (3'9") with her.

July 04Ellamieka (Corland x Darco x Indoctro) received her STER predicate today at her KWPN keuring! She received the following scores: 70 EXT 75 G 75 SPR. She is also confirmed in foal to Cardento for 2013!!

July 03: Well, I am off to Holland to visit all of the 'girls'. Ellamieka is attending her studbook inspection, and I get to check in on both Azemieka and Apolaris during their undersaddle careers!

June 29: Capi competed in the combined Junior/Amateur/Owner Hunters in Blainville today. He brought home ribbons in all of his classes!

May 25: Capi and I are at our first horse show of our season. Competiting in the 1.10m JA jumpers and the Hunter Derby over the same weekend.

May 17: Just shortly after 11pm, Cora delivered an extremely long legged filly! To be named Haven, she is the only filly ever to be sired by Capi Rossi. Capi's only other foal, a colt to be called Cobalt Blue, was happily born a week earlier. Capi certainly did his job in producing two beautiful offspring, and I look forward to seeing what they will one day become!! 

March 11: Chianto finished the winter circuit with a great finish! He took 2nd place in the $200,000 Lamborghini Grand Prix.

February: As it has been awhile, I felt an update was in order! In USA: Chianto is slowly starting his show season, short listed for the Olympic Games!! In Canada: Capi is fully recovered from his gelding surgery and working towards his 6yo show season, Cora is happy and healthy in her pregnancy and Finnan is enjoying the start of his 2yo year. In Europe: Azemieka is training with Marcel de Boer and Apolaris is training with Nella Bijlsma. Ellamieka will start training in April for her keuring in July, while Faizemieka and Gwenhwyvar get to enjoy living in the fields for a little while longer.


November 08: It was an incredibly hard decision, but Capi was gelded today. There are two foals by Capi expected in 2012. As there is no frozen semen, these will be his only two offspring... I can't wait to meet them this spring!!

September: Capi had a good week - not his best - competing in the 5yo finals. He had one rail the first day, and I was very pleased with how he handled the new venue. Unfortunately, he struggled to figure out the muddy footing on the second day and had the first couple fences down - but jumped clean after those initial costly errors. Capi came back with a flawless clean round in the Grand Prix ring, but pilot error produced one time fault.

August 14: Capi had another amazing week of showing! He moved up to the 1.15m Jumpers having four faults his first time out in the big Grand Prix ring at the Equestrian Park. He was stellar in the 5yo class but in huge efforts over his double clean performance - and was rewarded with 4th place. We even gave the $5000 Hunter Derby a go, but an error on my part kept him from the ribbons. As Capi is going through another growth spurt, I have decided to keep him home during next week's tournament here in Ottawa. I will present him at the KWPN-NA on Sept. 12th and then compete in the 5yo finals later in September. 

August 5: At 40 days today and got to see the heartbeat - if all goes well, the new arrival should be due around the end of May 2012! 

July 17: Capi had an absolutely wonderful second week of showing at the International Blainville. Concentrating on the hunters this week, Capi placed 3rd, 3rd, 3rd and 6th over fences and 6th under saddle in the Amateur-Owner Hunters. On Sunday, Capi competed in his first Hunter Classic! His first round score of 75 easily advanced him to the second round, where he scored an impressive score of 84!! He finished the day 4th out of a starting field of 29.

July 14: GREAT NEWS!! Cora has a beautiful black dot on her 19 day ultrasound!! 

July 08: Today was just not Capi's day - a couple of errors led to a 7th place finish in the 5yo Jumper class at Blainville.  

July 03: During the second week of Beaulieu, Capi split his time between the hunter and jumper rings. In the Amateur-Owner hunters he placed 4th, 1st and 2nd over fences and 4th in the under saddle. He then went on to place 2nd in the 5yo Jumper class sponsored by Jump Canada.

June 29: Capi's first week at Beaulieu was a success! Two clear rounds at 1.00m and then a double clear performance in the 5 year old jumpers for a SECOND place finish - not too bad for his first horse show of 2011. Of course, he was also collected in the middle of showing this week so that Cora could be bred again. The mare in King City had a nice black dot on her two week ultrasound, but unfortunately Cora was open and ready to bred again... so another two week wait begins with her, and back to a horse show this weekend with Capi. 

June 14: Capi has bred his first two mares. The first mare is located in King City and was bred June 01st. Cora was then bred June 05th and will be having her first ultrasound on June 21st. I am anxiously awaiting the results and have my fingers firmly crossed for two black dots!

Along with breeding duties, Capi is also getting ready to start his 2011 competition season. Plans are to compete at both weeks of Beaulieu and Blainville doing a mix of both the 5yo Jumpers and A/O hunters.

June 08: News from Holland - Apolaris has delivered a beautiful, healthy bay filly!! We are naming her 'Gwenhwyvar'.

April 29: Capi has spent the past couple of days at Ashland Farm. Paul is getting him ready for his breeding duties this year, and I am glad to say that Dr Douglas looked at a sample of his semen this morning and said that it looks excellent! Cora should be coming into season this week, so I will bring her up to Paul's this weekend... Hopefully, we'll be trying for a little Capi/Cora pairing by the end of the week. 

April 22-24 = Philippe Le Jeune Clinic at Beaulieu Farm: Easter weekend this year was spent in the company of one of the nicest, most down-to-earth riders that I have ever been around. Although I already held Philippe in the highest respect for his wonderful demonstration of riding ability this past year at WEG, to be a part of his clinic and listen to his teaching and training philosophies was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. He is the perfect blend of demanding concentration and effort from both horse and rider, yet remaining compassionsate to the needs of both. Each day their was some new improvement and by the third day, the was marked improvement in every horse/rider combo.

Specifically for Capi, there was more engagement from the hind quarters at all gaits. This allowed greater freedom in the shoulder and a reduced effort on my part keeping that forward momentum. As always, Capi's technique was strong, but each day say more effort in his bascule and clearance of the fence. It is great to walk away from this clinic with more tools to use in training not only Capi, but all the young horses that will come through my stables.

April 09: So much to report... Europe was wonderful (as always). The VDL Stallion Show was amazing - presenting so many breeding options I think that I just might need more mares ;) Apolaris is looking wonderful as she enters her last few months of pregnancy. She has the softest big brown eyes and a wonderfully calm demeanor - I can hardly wait for the Cantos foal due in June!! Azemieka was a pure joy to ride!! Bernard has done a wonderful job getting her fit again and keeping all that power soft and supple. I had so much fun riding her the first time (even in the cold, driving rain) that I had to return for a second ride! Ellamieka is still as beautiful as ever. She freejumped for the second time when we were there and already displays good technique and a catty-cleverness at the jump. Faizemieka was at a bit of an awkard growth stage, but is looking more and more like her dam. She too possesses a big, soft and soulful eye.

February 09: In just short two months, I will be back in Europe to visit with all the 'girls' and attend the VDL stallion show. I am looking forward to riding Mieka for the first time and seeing how Ella, Faiza and Alis are doing. Here at home: Cora is now ready to start working again - so her future is still yet to be determined (ride/breed/sell), Finn is looking like a happy, woolly 9 month old out in the pasture with all the 'yearlings' and Capi is really coming into his own! Capi and I will be a part of the Phillipe Le Jeune clinic at Beaulieu Farm the last weekend of April. Capi also has a couple of mares booked for this breeding season... Looking forward to it all!!


November 10: Making sure to say hi to Mom and Dad and wishing them a Happy Anniversary, I received my Jump Canada "Owner of the Year" in the competition ring at the Royal Winter Fair tonight. Much less nerve wracking then having to give the acceptance speech at the Jump Canada Hall of Fame dinner!! I have created a page to include the press release and photos from the evening. 

WEG (Lexington, KY): October 4-9: John and Chianto were wonderful!! The first day was a Table 'C' speed class and eventhough Chianto had one rail he had such a good time that he placed 10th overall. Day Two: Chianto was the lead off rider for Team Canada. He jumped a clean round with one time fault. Day 3: In the final class for the Team Competition, Chianto jumped a clean round!! Canada finished in 5th place, secure a berth in the 2012 London Olympics. It also left Chianto in 5th place overall. Day Four: No competition today. Day Five: Unfortunately, two rails in the first round of the Individual Final removed Chianto's chances of being in the Final Four. However, a clear round (one time fault) in the second round, secured Chianto and John's 8th overall position!! Absolutley on cloud nine with this top eight result in Chianto's first major international competition representing Canada!! Day 6: Eric gets the Bronze Medal and Hickstead is named the Best Horse!!

September 15: Well, it's official - the press release went out today. Chianto and John Pearce have been named to the Canadian Show Jumping Team for WEG!! 

September 12: Pfizer $1 Million Grand Prix: Well, Chianto came to win and he was oh-so close. Just a fraction of a second under the pace left Chianto out of the two man jump-off. However, 3rd place is not such a bad place to be and we are beyond thrilled with the result.

August 31: I attended the KWPN-NA keuring at Prima Equestrian with Cora and Finn. Cornetta was presented to the jury for studbook approval. Being Westphalian, I think she still keeps in-line the ideal KWPN breeding. Cora narrowly missed her ster predicate due to some toeing out at the walk (this kept her conformation score at 65); however, her jumping score of 80 clearly showed her power and scope.

On such a hot day (and spending alot of energy as Cora freejumped), Finnan was not his exbuerant self during his class. He still showed himself extremely well and placed a close second in the Jumper foal class. We will just have to wait and see how that places him nation wide and if he can make the Top Five list. 

August 23: Capi was stellar in his hunter ring debut - placing 4th, 1st, 6th and 8th over fences in the 3'6" Amateur-Owner Hunter Division. A small disobedience in the canter transition dropped us from the undersaddle placings, but it makes the decisions for next year all the more interesting... hunter, jumper or a duel career? 

August 17: At his third 'A' show undersaddle Capi handle everything with a maturity that belies his age. His first forray into the grass Grand Prix field at the National Nepean Equestrian Park was a huge success. Capi was not bothered by any of the surroundings, the larger crowds or the look of any of the jumps in the ring. Even with one rail in the class, Capi scored a respectable 84 and placed 5th amongst the more seasoned campaigners in the 4yo Jumper Class. His second week of competition will see Capi moving over to the hunter ring to show his versatility. Also, it is just two short weeks away - so many preparations are being made for Cora and Finn's KWPN-NA keuring. Here's hoping they both show their best on the day!! 

August 03: With no horse of my own to show this year, I happily picked up a catch ride at the Summrfest Breeders Show. Anne Taylor of Rolling Stone Farm (Addison, Ontario) was kind enough to allow me the honour of competing her horse, Midnight Rambler (aka. Lennie), in his first competition undersaddle. At just three years of age, Lennie proved to be a very solid citizen in and around the show ring. It is easy to enjoy the young ones when you can feel them working hard to please the rider! Lennie placed 3rd in his open walk/trot and open walk/trot/canter: hunter classes and ended the day with a WIN in the open walk/trot/canter: dressage! Congratulations Anne on Lennie's success!!

July: Finn is starting to shed his foal coat, so there is a lot of grey coming through! We made the hard decision to leave Cora open and bring her back into work after weaning Finn. However, we are also going to present her for studbook inspection at the KWPN-NA keuring this year... so she still might go back to the broodmare band in the spring. Capi is getting a small rest from horse showing while I go to Europe to visit all the 'girls'. When I come back, the focus will be on getting him ready for the Ottawa 'A' shows this August. 

June 27: We'll one could only describe Beaulieu as a huge success for Capi - culminating in two second place finishes over both weeks 4yo classes!!  I couldn't be happier with Capi's calm demeanour and focus in the show ring... He will now get a little down time from showing while I head to Europe to visit the 'girls'.

June: Capi is preparing for his jumper debut at Beaulieu Farm. So far he has proven to be a confident jumper, learning and retaining his lessons well. Hopefully, he will display this for the judges during his 4 year old jumper classes!!

May: News from Europe: Azemieka VDL had a FILLY!! Very tall and feminine in looks, we will be naming her "Faizemieka". Faiza is of arabic origin meaning 'victorious' - here's hoping it's a sign of things to come.

May 24: Cornetta has a COLT!! A tall, leggy chestnut (grey) that we will be naming "Finnan" since we were visiting the Glenfinnan monument in Scotland on the day Cora was bred!

May 23: Capi attended his first horse show of the 2010 season today. I entered him in two over fences classes as the focus of this outing was more geared to preparing for the show ring than the actual competition itself. Capi was definitely alert and aware of all the new surroundings, but he got down to work and handled himself well. His two trips around the hunter ring made it look like he had been showing for years!! We even got the bonus of placing 1st and 4th in his two classes!! So now I will prepare him to horse show at Bealieu Farm this June for the 4yo Jumper Development Series.

May: I am still eagerly waiting for this years foal crop to arrive - it's a long wait from conception to delivery to see what results from the breeding choices!! This year, after weaning her Zirocco Blue foal, Azemieka VDL will go back under saddle to begin a sports career. It is still undecided as to whether Cornetta will become a career broodmare or go back under saddle... Capi benefitted from his week at Juniper Farms. He settled into the new environment well and learned some valuable lessons. The time is now approaching to put those lessons to the test and start to get out there and compete. The aim is to attend a local schooling show over the holiday weekend to familiarize Capi with the horse show environment.

April: I will be attending both the Jill Henselwood Jumper Clinic at Ashland Farm on April 3rd & 4th and the Randy Roy Hunter Jumper Clinic at Sunset Farm on April 10th. I will not be attending this year's stallion shows in Europe, but will visit the new foal this July (just in time for Aachen!).

Winter Months 2009/2010: This is the time of year when I like to let the horses have a little down time at the beginning and then slowly bring them into competition shape. Capi will be introduced to jumping this winter, and his progess will dictate his competition path this year. I am planning on taking him to Juniper Farms in the spring for some exposure and training, with Jill's knowledge and guidance, I am sure great things will follow. Cora will no doubt be enjoying her broodmare duties and the large hay bale in her paddock. She will move back to Longwood Stables for foaling so that both her and her foal may enjoy the large grass fields with Tracy's broodmares. 


October: Capi successfully passed his CSHA Stallion Licencing. He recieved an overall score of 74%, again recieving high marks for his beautiful head, excellent jumping technique and strong, balanced canter. 

September: Capi successfully passed his CWHBA Stallion Licencing on Labour Day Monday (Sept 07)! His overall score was 8.19!! Comments from the judging panel included "Excellent Stallion type, very good topline and strong back connection, very elastic gallop, covering ground and balanced, willing horse". 

August: Cora is maintaining her pregnancy (ultrasound at 69 days), and all appears to be developing normally. Capi attended his second breeders show of the season (Aug 02/09), placing 3rd in the Open 3yo class, 2nd in the Open Stallion class and being named Reserve Champion Stallion for the show. At his third breeders show of the season (Aug 22/09), Capi placed 4th in the Open 3yo class, was 2nd in his walk/trot undersaddle debut and was 1st in his walk/trot/canter undersaddle! Chianto also enjoyed a great success with John Pearce during his three week run at Estes Park, Colorado winning 5 out of 6 classes!! They won 2 out of 3 of their Friday Open Welcomes classes and were an amazing 3 for 3 in the $25,000 Sunday Grand Prix's!!

July: The family trip to Scotland was simply amazing! The two weeks went by way too quickly, but it's good to be home. Cora's show season is now officially suspended. She is confirmed in foal to Wittinger VDL with a due date for late May 2010!! Capi's first horse show of the season was a great success!! He won the 3yr Open class, was Open Senior Champion, Open Champion and named the Show Grand Champion. He also won the Hunter/Jumper Suitbalilty class!

June: Well, my trip is fast approaching! But a quick update before I go! Capi is now located at Elmcroft Stables so that I can focus on preparing him for the CWHBA and CSHA Stallion Licencing this fall. So far he has taken exceptionally well to his new home and is even offering me his first steps at the canter under saddle! He is quite the looker under saddle! Cora was fabulous in her 3'0 hunter classes at the Ashland Silver show on June 06. She may not have pinned, but the mileage was just what she needed. Keep your fingers crossed, as I hope to have some exciting news upon my return from Scotland... 

May: Cora and I have been showing locally in the low hunter division to get the year started right. So far so good. She placed 3, 3, 4, and 3 u/s in her first show and was 2, 2, 4 and 2 u/s at her second show. She also walked away as the Grand Champion of the division!! With these results, I plan on stepping into some of the bigger hunter divisions (>3'0") before taking a small break in June for a long awaited family vacation to Scotland!! 

April: The trip to Holland was fantastic!! A big thank you goes to Amanda for acting as the videographer so that I have plenty of footage from the trip of all the girls. First of all, Ella is a beauty and truely the little lady. Big bright eyes, expressive ears, refined and athletic. She is all I could have hoped for from the pairing of Corland and Darco! Second, Mieka looked wonderful for a new mother. She has grown and matured since I bought her last year - she screams power! She has been bred to Zirocco Blue VDL for a 2010 foal. Finally, Zella is a superstar in the making! Nella Bijslma has done an absolutley wonderful job in bringing this girl along - I think she has the talent and the brains to go far!!The stallion shows, as always, provided for many hours of enjoyment - highlighting some of Holland's up and coming talent - and leaving the viewer speechless! It's a long time to wait for next year - but plans are already in the works for another trip!! 

March: ***It's a Girl*** Mieka had a filly on March 22. She will be named Ellamieka (Ella) - details and photos to follow. With show season fast approaching, plans are in full swing to sketch out which horse shows to attend. Capi will be heading for the 3 year old line shows and his first under saddle classes. Cora will be looking to make her move into the jumpers. Trip to Holland is booked, but with a slight change in plans. I will be travelling with Amanda Hay (Elmcroft Stables). We will still be leaving March 31 and returning April 7th. I will be riding Zella on this trip and visiting Mieka (and her foal). We will also be watching the VDL and Eurocommerce Stallion shows and enjoying a free day to tour Amsterdam.

January: Cornetta and I will be attending the Jill Henselwood Clinic at Ashland Farm to be held January 10 and 11th, 2009.  ** Update: Clinic was a success. Cora benefited greatly from the exposure (100+ people in the viewing stands) and definitely got an opportunity to demonstrate her power and scope to the crowd.